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Surveillance Systems


Cell Phone Repeater Installation

The physical security of your business site is paramount. To protect your capital investment and the people who work at or visit your company, surveillance systems are designed to help detect intrusion, monitor access, and verify identity from multiple locations.


These systems not only control physical access, but can track employee, visitor, and equipment movements in and out of your premises or restricted areas within your facility. Access control systems may also be used to automate employee time and attendance reporting.


Paratus Technologies can provide your business or home with:


Video Surveillance

  • Security camera installation: high resolution, regardless of distance or motion; infrared for peace-of-mind when monitored site is completely dark; indoor and outdoor installation.
  • Ability to manage and configure your security system remotely: Monitor your premises any time, including from your smart phone, by broadcasting footage securely over the internet; Simultaneous, multi-user access. 
  • Interactive Applications: Users can receive an email or text message when an alarm is triggered .
  • Analog, IP, or hybrid-designed systems: Our experienced consultants will help you select the surveillance system that best fits your business needs.

Access Control

  • Programmable smart card readers
  • Blank or custom printed access and ID cards
  • Networked biometric fingerprint identification
  • Distributed power over Ethernet access systems
  • Gate and entry systems: RFID (radio-frequency identification), smart card systems, license plate recognition, gates and controls

Asset Tracking & Logging

  • GPS and RFID (radio-frequency identification) systems for asset, vehicle, and technology tracking.

Paratus Technologies can design and install a security system that will provide your business or home with the daily monitoring, security authentication, and protection it needs.